Maitreya’s mission and the changing of the age
by Bette Stockbauer

This column seeks to convey the ideas of Maitreya, a Spiritual Teacher who lives in London. The unique vision of Maitreya lies in His teaching that each area of human endeavor — its rich cultural heritage, its political and economic institutions, its vast diversity of religious expression — is inherently spiritual. An ideal future would see the light of divinity shining equally through all. In our time, Maitreya is focusing on the political and economic fields, where He inspires world leaders to implement policies that will lead to an equitable distribution of planetary resources.

It seems everywhere we look nowadays we see signs of change. On the one hand are the unprecedented news events — detente with Russia, Germany reunited, a democratic South Africa — on the other the absolute destitution of starvation, drug addiction and crime.

Many people throughout the world, of all cultures and all walks of life, understand these signs of the times and know that they mark the always difficult transition period that occurs between two astrological ages. In our era, we are leaving Pisces and taking our first steps into the age of Aquarius. Because of the new and powerful energies that are influencing our planetary life, we are responding with both the best and the worst that is in our nature.

In periods such as these humanity receives special guidance from the spiritual entities which oversee its development. This Spiritual Hierarchy is composed of highly perfected beings who have evolved out of the human evolution, who have walked the highways of the earth and understand our challenges. They are a step ahead of us in evolution, but are themselves just beginning the journey into a higher realm.

Nevertheless, they remain intimately connected with our planetary evolution, and in our times of transition may reenter the physical world to show us the solutions we need at a particular stage of growth. At their head is one known by many names — the Christ, Maitreya Buddha, the Messiah, or the Imam Mahdi. The term itself denotes a position of leadership and through many past ages the position has been occupied by a succession of highly evolved entities.

In the East, the cyclical return of an Avatar is well understood, but in the West, such knowledge has been lost. Jesus Christ predicted His own return saying, "they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and glory." (Mt. 24:30) This advent, He said, would be accompanied by various signs of strife and destruction. After His death the early Christians clung to a firm belief in an imminent return, but after generations had passed with no such sign, various interpretations of His words arose. Today there are vast misunderstandings about His work with humanity and the meaning of the Second Coming. Many groups are predicting a catastrophic destruction of all earthly lifeforms followed by His return as a righteous and avenging judge. But other more level-headed ones say that He will come as an utterly wise and beneficent teacher.

There are, in fact, a growing number of people who believe that the one we call the Christ is living in our present world; a number of religious groups have claimed their own leader to be His manifestation. The purpose of this column is to outline the activity and thought of a Teacher with such a claim. His name is Maitreya and He has lived in London since 1977. His followers say that He is the Christ, and that He has been working on an energetic level, behind the scenes, influencing world events. They say that He is awaiting the proper time, when humanity is better prepared, to enter into public life, and that He and the Hierarchy who stand behind Him are responsible for the ‘unprecedented’ events we have seen in the past 20 years — the cultural and spiritual revolutions that are shaking our entrenched and outworn institutions.

Because of the compelling nature of His ideas I believe they should be closely studied in relation to the present world situation. The answers He offers are unique. His approach is planetary, not tied to the narrowness of any single interest. His insights penetrate the heart of a situation and generate profound solutions that are often startling in their simplicity. He and His group of co-workers are extending the offer to help us set our house in order. Their intent is to lead but they say that we ourselves must do the groundwork.

The message that they bring is one of hope, not doom, for despite our many problems as a world community, their very presence — shown in the miraculous and angelic manifestations that we now so often see — is a sign, they say, that they are convinced of our good intentions. With their help, each of us may see a time in which we become co-creators in fashioning a world which expresses the sublimity and peace of universal fellowship. our future course can correct the mistakes of the past and enter into a glowing new age.

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