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Behold, I stand at the door, & knock: if any man hear my voice, & open the door, I will come in to him, & will sup with him & he with me. Rev. 3.20

"[His] reappearance will knit & bind together all men & women of goodwill throughout the world, irrespective of religion or nationality..."  The Tibetan

"...each of you should continue to develop within your own religious tradition... Respect your own religions, your own ideologies,  in brief, your own thought form... My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere." Maitreya, the World Teacher


Who is Maitreya? Excellent online catalogue and library documents the stages of  return to the modern world of Maitreya & the Masters of Wisdom. An ongoing process for which some have been preparing humanity since 1875.


"He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes & loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to Their Founders--the Buddha, Mohammed & others. He cares not what the faith is if the objective is love of God & of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself...

"The long divorce between religion & politics must be ended and this can now come about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has made all men so close that what happens in some remote area of the earth's surface is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. This makes it uniquely possible for Him to work in the future...

"He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, & when churches & political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can & will come; then the Kingdom of God will be publicly recognised, & will no longer be a thing of dreams & of wishful thinking & orthodox hope."  (From: The Reappearance of the Christ, by Alice Bailey & the Tibetan)

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"In this coming time, I shall show you beauties and wonders beyond your imaginings, but which are your birthrights as sons of God." Maitreya

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