Meditations for the New Age

Transmission groups and triangles form a link between Hierarchy and disciples working on the outer plane. They are helping to build humanity's bridge to the spiritual kingdom. Therefore, there will be an ongoing need for this work, to help humanity rise to the opportunity which the Christ's presence among us provides. It is a service in which we can involve ourselves for the rest of our lives and know that we are helping in the great transformation into the new age. Excerpted from Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age, by Benjamin Creme (follow link for more information, to purchase the book or to download a free copy).

Following excerpts are from the books of Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Co.

"Meditation involves the living of a one-pointed life always and everyday... This process of ordered meditation, when carried forward over a period of years, and supplemented by meditative living and one-pointed service, will successfully arouse the entire system, and bring the lower man under the influence and control of the spiritual man....I cannot too strongly advise students against the following of intensive meditation processes for hours at a time...The average aspirant is so sensitive & finely organized that excessive meditation, a fanatical diet, the curtailing of hours of sleep, or undue interest in psychic experience will upset the mental balance and often do irretrievable harm." 1

"The need of the world today has never been so great, nor the responsibility resting upon those who are treading the Path... so deep, real and urgent... Let all students make up their minds in this day of emergency and of rapid unfolding opportunity to sacrifice all they have to the helping of humanity... The urgency of the hour is upon us, and I call upon all of you whom I am seeking to help, to join the strenuous effort of the Great Ones. They are working day and night in an effort to relieve humanity. I offer to you opportunity and I tell you that you are needed -- even the very least of you. I assure you that groups of students, working in unison and with deep and unfaltering love for each other, can achieve significant results." 3

1. The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 18-19
2. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 652
3. A Treatise on White Magic, p. 639-400

Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age, by Benjamin Creme (follow link for more information, to purchase the book or to download a free copy)

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