The Amazing Mr Lutterworth

A review of the novel by Desmond Leslie, in which Mr. Lutterworth, whose character is based on George Adamski, carries out his mission to save the Earth from corporate greed.

Even if The Amazing Mr Lutterworth does not stand among the great literary achievements of the 20th century, there are several compelling reasons why this novel by Desmond Leslie deserves renewed interest 50 years after it was published.

Leslie (1921-2001), is best known for the seminal book on UFOs, Flying Saucers Have Landed, which he co-authored with George Adamski. He was also a screenwriter, film director and pioneer of electronic music.

It is well-known that considerable forces tried to undermine George Adamski’s mission to inform the world of his contacts with the Space Brothers. We now know, through information from Benjamin Creme’s Master, that the solution to the world’s energy problems, the Technology of Light which is being developed in co-operation with the Space Brothers, will be released when humanity has had a definite change of heart and accepts the principle of sharing. That change of heart, we have been told, will take place on the day when Maitreya mentally overshadows all of humanity and declares Himself openly. Amazingly, exactly 50 years ago, Desmond Leslie brought together all these elements in an all but forgotten novel.

In a book by Lou Zinsstag, George Adamski – The Untold Story (1983), Leslie admits that his ‘novel’ The Amazing Mr Lutterworth was actually “75 per cent non-fiction ... and the principal character of the plot was, of course, George Adamski”. This is reflected in the fact that the author dedicated the novel, among others, to “G.A.”. Although there is a character called Elias Minovsky in the book, who is modelled on Adamski living on Mount Ramolap (Palomar spelled backward), and who writes “cockeyed philosophy that no one will publish”, and makes vague photographs of flying saucers, the real Adamski in this novel is the protagonist, John Hollings Lutterworth.

We first meet Mr Lutterworth while he tries to regain his memory on a liner en route from England to New York City. He is in possession of 78 tube-shaped crystals that he suspects are crucial to his mission, but an unfortunate fall during a tour of the ship prevents him from remembering what it was. Upon his arrival in New York he is persuaded to meet Mr Hasley B. Widlow, the president of Global Oil Corporation, who offers him half a million dollars “plus royalties” for the crystals and the blueprint of a working device. As Mr Lutterworth is still at a loss, due to his amnesia, as to the nature of his mission and the crystals, he negotiates some time to consider the offer. He plans to make his way to California to meet Minovsky, hoping to find out more about the crystals and what he is supposed to do with them.

The novel follows Mr Lutterworth as he struggles to remember his mission to save humanity from the consequences of corporate greed in the form of Global Oil, that wants to prevent the distribution of an alien device for the production of unlimited energy to protect its profits.

While the story is interspersed with matter-of-fact references to the cosmic philosophy of Universal Law about the oneness of mankind and the law of karma, as expounded in Adamski’s book Inside the Space Ships, the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization – which numbered 78 members when the novel was written – is the backdrop for the grand finale of the story.

It is at the United Nations Organization building in New York that Mr Lutterworth finally pierces through his self-imposed (as we discover later) amnesia, which served to protect him until he had completed his mission, and realizes he is really one of the Space Brothers who are working to save humanity. The scene that follows could almost be a script for the Day of Declaration, when the Brother materializes in front of the General Assembly: “I raise my arms and the gasps and babble die down. I begin to speak the words we knew and decided long ago. Each hears me in his own tongue.” As he mentally overshadows all the members of the General Assembly, the Brother fulfils his mission by distributing the crystals as the key to the salvation of the world, so that no single country or party can monopolize the alien technology, while he conveys these words:

“This power, I tell them, shall change the face of the Earth. No more shall small groups, nor even single men, be able to rule multitudes through hunger in their bellies; for there shall no more be hunger nor want nor cold; and in time again there shall be no more disease, for as man learns to live in harmony with nature, instead of continually struggling against it, he will destroy the cause of disease.”

Desmond Leslie, The Amazing Mr Lutterworth. Published by Allan Wingate (London, UK), 1958.




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Mission of the UFOs & Space Brothers
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The Path to the Sun
by the Master , through Benjamin Creme
The time is coming when humanity will learn the truth of the immeasurable service rendered to them by those from our sister planets using craft we call UFO's.

UFOs section - Share International archives


Q. How much does the desire for power and control figure into the reason that the governments have been keeping UFO information from the public?

A. It is paramount. It is ignorance and fear that drives the governments to act as they do. They understand that if humanity knew that the Space Brothers really existed, and these spacecraft with such a command of space and time really existed, we could ask them to help, because our governments obviously do not know what to do. They could advise and teach humanity. Who needs governments like we have today when we have these beneficent, harmless beings waiting to help us?
--From: UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission -- Questions & Answers with Benjamin Creme — Part 1


Q. What is the purpose of the Space Brothers’ underground bases on this planet? What are they doing there?

A. We have despoiled everything on this planet. All land, air, rivers, sea and oceans are polluted. The spaceships go down into the depths of the oceans and neutralize the pollution as far as they are allowed. We have stored nuclear energy waste in the Atlantic and Pacific, and the Space Brothers do their best to nullify the effects of these terrible sources of toxic waste, so they have a lot to do. It is an ongoing process. They have devices which can neutralize the worst elements of pollution, particularly that of high-level nuclear radiation. But they are limited by the Law of Karma in how much they are allowed to help us.
UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission -- Questions & Answers with Benjamin Creme — Part 1

Countdown to Disclosure


Benjamin Creme discusses UFO's and the Space Brothers,
the Environment, and Etheric Matter at his 2010 NYC lecture

UFOs & Ancient Wisdom  -- Gerard Aartsen explains the situation.
The Space Brothers are here to help.


All the planets, without exception, are inhabited... UFOs are absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation...
Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying... Without their help we would be in a very sad state..."

   -- Benjamin Creme - 



Not a failed missile test.



"We've been ordered to work up a national debunking campaign, planting articles in magazines and arranging broadcasts to make UFO reports sound like Poppycock."
--CIA report January 1953.  Obviously, they have been very persistent & successful.

So, why do the ruling elite  cover-up UFO appearances? Because they do not want to let go of their power. Apparently they think that those who have the most money are superior to all the others and that it's their right to govern the world. They are afraid of ending their monopolies.   They clearly are not interested in changing the world. Evidently, they are very comfortable with things as they are (including: war, poverty, environmental degradation/pollution, & unemployment). 

Any changes to the status quo are viewed as big threats to the ruling elite's power over the people. Threats to the status quo are also viewed as threats to the national security - which is really concerned about  keeping less than 1% of the people in power.

Noam Chomsky: "As you move up the wealth/income ladder, you get a little bit more influence on policy. When you get to the top, which is maybe a tenth of one percent, people essentially get what they want, i.e. they determine the policy. So the proper term for that is not democracy; it's plutocracy."

Humanity  can and eventually will work very well with everyone flourishing & living in peace. The terribly dysfunctional human family will become functional.  That will require some help from a very special person, who the world has not yet met. He is known in some circles as the World Teacher. More details are linked to this page for anyone who wants to know about Him.

Watch for more UFO appearances  that will be far too awesome to be written off as "failed missile tests". UFO activity is opening minds and stimulating thought all over the globe. Many millions know that they exist, but that those in power are keeping it all under wraps.   The major changes that we will see in the coming years are about LOVE, not religion. Religion is fine if you like it, but it is not mandatory.  In the coming decades, the human family will  build a beautiful new civilization that will be characterized by the principles of sharing, justice, brotherhood & love.


Photo of a UFO descending from clouds
in Palm Desert, California



Why don't the space brothers  materialize a space ship at a large gathering of national leaders and approach them publicly? Why do they only make limited appearances? At this time, karmic laws prohibit them doing any more. They can't do for us what we can and must do for ourselves and they can't infringe man's free will. They are working with Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom (who form the esoteric Spiritual Hierarchy for our planet) in service to humanity, doing everything that the law allows them to do to help us.   After Maitreya is working openly from the world stage and everyone knows about Him, the Space Brothers will become known and understood as our brothers and neighbours. 




The "Horseman" appears @ 1:23:


Kalki Avatar with the sword of cleavage


"In Hinduism, Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि; meaning 'Eternity,' 'White Horse,' or 'Destroyer of Filth') is the final incarnation of Vishnu [Maitreya, the World Teacher] in the current Mahayuga, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga [now!]...the Puranas foretell that Kalki will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He is the harbinger of the end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher in Satya Yuga [New Age]." Source: Wikipedia

"When Maitreya comes before the world there will begin for men a period of intense heart-searching and reflection. It is only to be expected that for many it will be a painful, even traumatic, one. So steeped in the ways and ideas of the past, so fearful of a future unknown and strange, are millions today, that men will want to take stock of the new situation which will then pertain…. When Maitreya first announces His plans and hopes for the rehabilitation of the world, His energy of Love – the Sword of Cleavage – will further delineate the divisions which now exist. Men will take sides – for or against the new principles that He will present for the betterment of all. Thus will it be. Thus will a period of discord and discontent precede the acceptance of the new. Gradually, however, even the least sanguine will acknowledge the need for a reconstructed world and add their weight to the task.

"There will begin a time unlike aught seen before on Earth. On every hand and at every level the changes will pursue their logical course, cementing in law and principle and form the aspirations of all. Thus will men regain a hold on their destiny and turn away for ever from the abyss. (The Master -- from ‘Coping with change’) 
The Sword of Cleavage is the energy of Love. As people respond to this energy the world will be divided – those who are clamouring for change along the lines Maitreya is advocating, and those who are fearful and looking to the past, who see Him as the Antichrist, are fearful and do not know what to do. They will stand aside and watch the events, and so lose the opportunity presented, for the first time in history, to take part in the transformation of the world. It is up to each individual, from where he or she stands, to assert their divinity. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)

"Much that is loved must go. Cling not to the old forms. Much will depend on man’s ability to renounce these outworn structures, and to create a new and simpler world. Remember this. Forget not that I come to change all things. My Coming brings peace. Likewise, My Presence brings cleavage. My Sword, that Love which I am, will separate all men, will show the True from the false, will clear the way for the New Light which I bring. May it be that you can withstand this change and accept My Light. (Maitreya, from Message No.74)

Source/read more:
The Sword of Cleavage: selection of quotations on the theme of ‘The Sword of Cleavage’ from Maitreya's Messages & Teachings, the Master --, and Benjamin Creme’s writings.…/old_i…/2011/2011-10.htm

-- the selection of quotations is after the letters to the editor.



 In an interview with the German author Peter Andreas, the scientist Prof. G. Quispel expresses his amazement that the demonstrably wrong ideas on this subject have not been abandoned:

"I am constantly astonished to see that people still do not appear to know what has been recognized for one and a half centuries: that the beast from the Apocalypse refers to none other than the Caesar, Nero. Only the later Christian church, in the time of Constantine (325 AD), put the Apocalypse into a future, historical time-frame." (From: Was Morgenwahr sein kann, Econ Verlag)
666 -- and other misunderstandings







THRIVE  (full movie)




"The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with truth, and understanding,  as well as with the willingness to speak factually, with simplicity and with love,  in the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved.
The opposing forces...must be routed..."   The Tibetan

"Without sharing there can be no justice;
without justice there can be no peace;
without peace there can be no future...
Man must change or die.
There is no other course."
The World Teacher

 More excellent videos:

Ponder on This:

The Reappearance of the Christ:

"Almost anything you do [to help humanity] will seem insignificant,
but it's very important that you do it."  
Mahatma Gandhi


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