George Adamski on help from the Space Brothers

In addition to writing books about his contacts with the flying saucers and their occupants, Adamski answered questions from supporters in a bulletin, "Cosmic Science", between 1957 and 1958. (209 words) 

In addition to writing books about his contacts with the flying saucers and their occupants, George Adamski also answered many questions from supporters worldwide, through the Get Acquainted Program, established by Adamski in 1956 to promote the Cosmic Philosophy of the Space Brothers. These questions were answered in his bulletin, Cosmic Science, between 1957 and 1958. In reply to the question “Have space people helped Earth’s inhabitants in any way thus far?” Adamski wrote the following:

“Yes. They have helped us in many ways of which we are little aware … any of the small conflicts that have plagued the world in recent years could have developed into worldwide destructive wars had it not been for their efforts. And the Cold War which has continued for so long could have flared into open ‘hot war’ had they not intervened in different ways and places.

“Besides, they have done much to neutralize the radioactive conditions created in our atmosphere through our bomb testings. Were it not for their assistance in this, radiation would be much more prevalent than it is today. As time passes, the public will become cognizant of many other ways in which they are helping.”


 "... We think... we can go on in the old ways... more competition, more greed... It is not so any longer; it does not work. If two-thirds of the world's population are living in poverty then the economic system does not work. If we think that they will go on without asking that it work for them, then we are sorely out of step with reality.   Maitreya will make that clear...
Benjamin Creme

"Without sharing there can be no justice;
without justice there can be no peace;
without peace there can be no future...
Man must change or die.
There is no other course."  
Maitreya, the World Teacher




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