...think OM...on the mental plane you are making a sound. Think OM. Just like you think any thought. Think the OM should be in the mind, wherever your thought activity is, which will be in your brain. You think OM. You say your name is John. Or Alice. Or Vera. It is a thought like any other thought...but the word itself is different, that is the point. The OM is the great mantram.

...You do not hear it, you think it. Hearing and thinking are two different things. You can do it fast or slow, but it is the thought; it is not different from any other thought, except in its reverberation in the mind. That is what brings your attention to the ajna centre. It is the vibration.

If you say "OM" aloud, that vibrates at a certain level. If you say it under your breath (silently), at another.

If you think it, that is the highest.

From "Transmission: a Meditation for the New Age" -Addendum to the Third Edition, by Benjamin Creme, p. 18 & 19.    Benjamin Creme is the British chief editor of Share International, an author, lecturer and esotericist.

26. Ishvara, the Gurudeva, being unlimited by time conditions, is the teacher of the primeval Lords.
27. The Word of Ishvara is AUM (or OM). This is the Pranava.
28. Through the sounding of the Word and through reflection upon its meaning, the Way is found.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

"When He comes at the close of this century and makes His power felt He will come as the Teacher of Love and Unity, and the keynote He will strike will be regeneration through love poured forth on all...

"It is light and--above all else--"life more abundantly" which Christ will bring, and until He brings it we know not what it signifies; we cannot realise the revelation which this will entail and the new possibilities which will open up before us. But through Him, light and life are on their way, to be interpreted and applied in terms of goodwill and of right human relations. (The Master DK)

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