from the Work of the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul), through Alice A. Bailey

Contact with the sun should be much sought after, and the vitalization that comes through its rays. The sun kills all germs and frees from disease.
(Letters on Occult Meditation p334)

The main centre for the reception of prana at present is a centre between the shoulder blades.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p98)

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(1) Solar prana - this is that vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the sun, and which is transmitted to man's etheric body...It is... emitted as powerful radiations, which are applied directly through certain plexi in the uppermost part of the etheric body. ...

(2) Primarily the functions of the etheric body are three in number:
   1. It is the receiver of prana. 
   2. It is the assimilator of prana.
   3. It is the transmitter of prana.
   (Treatise on Cosmic Fire p93)

(3) The pranic emanations of the sun are absorbed by the etheric body, via certain centres which are found principally in the upper part of the body, from whence they are directed downwards to the centre which is called the etheric spleen. ... The main centre for the reception of prana at present is a centre between the shoulder blades.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p98)

(4) The more refined and rarefied the form, the better a receiver of prana it will be, and the less will be the resistance found to the uprising of kundalini at the appointed time.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p103)

(5) The race suffers from certain incapacities, which may be described as follows: -first: Inability to tap pranic currents, owing to the unhealthy lives passed by so many.... The cure is apparent-the bringing about of better living conditions, the employment of more appropriate clothing, and the adoption of a freer and more salubrious mode of living. When the pranic rays can find free access to the shoulders, and to the diaphragm, the subnormal state of the average spleen will adjust itself automatically. -second: Over-ability to tap pranic currents.... The etheric body receives prana or solar rays too rapidly, passes it through and out of the system with too much force, and this leaves the victim a prey of inertia and devitalisation.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p106/7)

(6) The healer or healing group must remember that it is not mental energy only with which he works. He, for himself,

a. Creates a thought of healing power.
b. That created focal point of concentrated, attention, becomes the directing agent for the healing force, or prana.
c. This prana is neither mental nor astral in nature. It is pure planetary substance or living essence, and is that substance of which the vital body of the planet is made.
d. The healer or the healing group, appropriates as much of this substance as possible, and by the power of their united thought, direct it to and through the center involved. Healing work is circulatory and this must not be forgotten. The pranic energy (thought directed) is not sent to the centre and there permitted to accumulate. It is passed through the centre, first of all to the organ involved, or the area where the difficulty is found, and then is sent out to the body as a totality. It might be regarded as a system of flushing, with a purifactory and stimulating effect.
(Esoteric Healing, p.287)

(7) Prana might be defined as the life-essence of every plane in the sevenfold area which we call the cosmic plane...
(Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p154)

Contact with the sun should be much sought after, and the vitalization that comes through its rays. The sun kills all germs and frees from disease. (Letters on Occult Meditation 334)

From books by Alice A Bailey and the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (Lucis Publishing), as indicated and may also be found in "Ponder on This" under topic heading: "Prana" (Lucis Publishing Company).

Agni Yoga Teachings  about Prana

Leaves of Morya's Garden I,
The Call, 1924 
The Call, 51.  Powerful, exalted visions require pure surroundings, and prana.
      Christ's deeds were consummated amidst the beauties  of nature. Never did He dwell for long in cities.

The Call, 138. Realize the healing power of prana.   The torpor of life is dispelled in the pure rays  of the sunset.

The Call, 254. Our essential being needs the currents of prana.
      The tired organism is more affected by outside forces.
      Direct your thoughts to the one source of the world's  creeds.

The Call, 370. Read, and consider how many times even Christ  withdrew into solitude.
      Even His Spirit had need of prana....

The Call, 380. It is often better to defer a decision until  morning.
The morning is permeated with prana.
After sundown it is harmful to remain tense.
Evening is the time to give.
Morning is the time to receive knowledge.

Leaves of Morya's Garden II,
Illumination, 1925 
Illumination, II:I:4. It is good to be in the sunshine, but the starlit sky also brings harmony to the nerves. The moon, on the contrary, is not for us. The moon's pure light affects the prana. The magnetism of the moon is great, but for repose it is not good. Often the moon evokes fatigue, like people who devour one's vital energy. The manifestation of miraculous power increases during moonlight.
      A pure prana must respond to the attraction, otherwise there is no miracle but a destruction of the vital treasure trove. While resting it is good to laugh, for the thyroid gland is purified by laughter. To purify the glands is a primary duty.

Leaves of Morya's Garden II,
Illumination, 1925 
Illumination, III:VI:15. What external condition is indispensable for quality of labor? Light. Only light makes labor productive and useful. The butterfly can fly until its rainbow pollen is exhausted. Man has the same rainbow force, which absorbs the power of the light by means of photoplasm. The different plasms are intermediaries between the visible and the invisible. Photoplasm, being an emanation of the nervous system, forms a rainbow pollen which absorbs rays of light and conveys them into the nerve channels.
      The best connections with the light are obtained in the morning. Therefore, do not shut out the morning light. Work in the light, make decisions in the light, pass judgments in the light, grieve in the light, rejoice in the light. Nothing is to be compared with the light wave. Even the best electricity, even the bluest, yields eight thousand times less light than a ray of the sun.


Illumination, III:II:21. Amidst dusty daisies a lily of Heavenly Purple. It is better to live near the Celestial Flower, for earthly flowers are the sole living bond between Earth and Heaven.
      In the creation of floral pollen there are precipitated, as it were, crystals of prana. Without frivolity one can say that in flowers the Heaven settles down upon Earth.
      If the Earth were deprived of flowers, half of its vitality would disappear. Just as important is the snow, and like beacons of salvation stand the snowy mountains.

Illumination, II:IV:18.
      Certain plants exist as reservoirs of prana. The pine trees collect it as if in electric needles. And as a bond between heaven and the depths of earth, the earth is covered with living antennae which gather and preserve the true renewing element of the spiritual tissue.

Community, 182. True, true, true people must settle themselves in tested localities. Even a bear shows greater care in selecting his den. Plants will indicate the better possibilities. Look for cedars and pines, heather and oak, grass and flowers of vivid color. Natural electrification in a locality is necessary. Large, long needles of evergreen are the best condensers of electricity. Heights above eleven thousand feet, devoid of vegetation, provide useful prana.




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Leaves Of Morya's Garden   Book One      The Call

There is no salvation surer than that through devotion. One can forgive much where there is unswerving devotion. The man who is devoted in heart can be relied upon. It is cause for rejoicing when Hierarchy is upheld by devotion. At present it is especially needed. If yesterday's confusion seemed enormous, what can one say of tomorrow's? I have already prepared you for the growth of Armageddon, and you know that the black wings of darkness will not withstand the Fiery Sword. Be not astonished, the Battle increases!  
Agni Yoga:  Fiery World I, 605.


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If we compare two individuals, of whom one dissipates the vital substance while the other consciously conserves it, we will be amazed at how much more sensitive the spiritual apparatus of the second becomes. The quality of his labors becomes entirely different, and the quantity of his projects and ideas multiplies. The centers of the solar plexus and brain are being heated, as it were, by an invisible fire.

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Esoteric Training
This article was dictated by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul, in 1934. It is printed in the book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 3-20, published by the Lucis Publishing Company. The need for trained esotericists is more urgent today than it was then.

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Benjamin Creme discusses the emergence of Maitreya, The World Teacher


Maitreya Dancing in Karbala (believe it or not!)


The "Horseman" appears @ 1:23:


Kalki Avatar with the sword of cleavage


"In Hinduism, Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि; meaning 'Eternity,' 'White Horse,' or 'Destroyer of Filth') is the final incarnation of Vishnu [Maitreya, the World Teacher] in the current Mahayuga, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga [now!]...the Puranas foretell that Kalki will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He is the harbinger of the end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher in Satya Yuga [New Age]." Source: Wikipedia

"When Maitreya comes before the world there will begin for men a period of intense heart-searching and reflection. It is only to be expected that for many it will be a painful, even traumatic, one. So steeped in the ways and ideas of the past, so fearful of a future unknown and strange, are millions today, that men will want to take stock of the new situation which will then pertain…. When Maitreya first announces His plans and hopes for the rehabilitation of the world, His energy of Love – the Sword of Cleavage – will further delineate the divisions which now exist. Men will take sides – for or against the new principles that He will present for the betterment of all. Thus will it be. Thus will a period of discord and discontent precede the acceptance of the new. Gradually, however, even the least sanguine will acknowledge the need for a reconstructed world and add their weight to the task.

"There will begin a time unlike aught seen before on Earth. On every hand and at every level the changes will pursue their logical course, cementing in law and principle and form the aspirations of all. Thus will men regain a hold on their destiny and turn away for ever from the abyss. (The Master -- from ‘Coping with change’) 
The Sword of Cleavage is the energy of Love. As people respond to this energy the world will be divided – those who are clamouring for change along the lines Maitreya is advocating, and those who are fearful and looking to the past, who see Him as the Antichrist, are fearful and do not know what to do. They will stand aside and watch the events, and so lose the opportunity presented, for the first time in history, to take part in the transformation of the world. It is up to each individual, from where he or she stands, to assert their divinity. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)

"Much that is loved must go. Cling not to the old forms. Much will depend on man’s ability to renounce these outworn structures, and to create a new and simpler world. Remember this. Forget not that I come to change all things. My Coming brings peace. Likewise, My Presence brings cleavage. My Sword, that Love which I am, will separate all men, will show the True from the false, will clear the way for the New Light which I bring. May it be that you can withstand this change and accept My Light. (Maitreya, from Message No.74)

Source/read more:
The Sword of Cleavage: selection of quotations on the theme of ‘The Sword of Cleavage’ from Maitreya's Messages & Teachings, the Master --, and Benjamin Creme’s writings.

-- the selection of quotations is after the letters to the editor.


 In an interview with the German author Peter Andreas, the scientist Prof. G. Quispel expresses his amazement that the demonstrably wrong ideas on this subject have not been abandoned:

"I am constantly astonished to see that people still do not appear to know what has been recognized for one and a half centuries: that the beast from the Apocalypse refers to none other than the Caesar, Nero. Only the later Christian church, in the time of Constantine (325 AD), put the Apocalypse into a future, historical time-frame." (From: Was Morgenwahr sein kann, Econ Verlag)
666 -- and other misunderstandings



  • One of the easiest ways to know me, Maitreya says, is to be honest in your mind, be sincere in your spirit, and practice detachment. Any action performed with dishonesty of mind, an insincere spirit and attachment is destructive. For example, when you think one thing, say another, and do something which is different again, you are lost. Honesty of mind leads to honest speech and honest action. This harmony leads to peace and happiness. Without detachment there is no salvation.

  • Be what you are. Do not surrender your self-respect, your dignity, to others. Do not allow anyone to cast his shadow over you. A Master gives experiences, but does not cast his shadow.

  • Do not follow one another. If you practice honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, you will know me, you will know the Lord.


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The Ageless Wisdom of Esoteric Psychology:

SRI SAI BABA - COSMIC AVATAR chanting the Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri is a great prayer for the blessing of all creatures.
Download this 125 KB mp3 file recording of  Sai Baba sounding the Gayatri Mantra  ~30 seconds long.
It has a profoundly nice effect - and can be set repeat on most of the free sound players.
People in previous generations have not had such a treasure freely available to them.


The Mahatma Letters



Eckhart Tolle - The Flowering of Human Consciousness


THRIVE  (full movie)



"The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with truth, and understanding,
as well as with the willingness to speak factually, with simplicity and with love,
in the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved.
The opposing forces...must be routed..."     The Tibetan

"Without sharing there can be no justice;
without justice there can be no peace;
without peace there can be no future...
Man must change or die.
There is no other course."
The World Teacher

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Ponder on This:

The Reappearance of the Christ:

"Almost anything you do [to help humanity] will seem insignificant,
but it's very important that you do it."  
Mahatma Gandhi

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